Another Easy Dinner, Japanese Style

This time, it’s my daughter, Tamar, recycling some leftovers (without even meaning to…). She decided one evening that there is nothing to eat in the house, so she had to cook for herself. She took out some smoked salmon that we had in the fridge and sautéed it in a pan together with some chopped fresh ginger, some soy sauce, and a tiny bit of agave, for sweetness.

I was so impressed and proud of her ingenuity. And I’m glad that this is the example I set for her. Her food looked and smelled delicious! But this is all she had on her plate. I asked her if I could contribute to the meal, and she agreed. So I took some white rice from the fridge, and warmed it in the microwave. Then I chopped some seaweed paper and mixed it with the rice. It all went on the plate with the salmon. We completed the meal with some pickled ginger, on the side. It was really good!! Look for yourself…


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5 thoughts on “Another Easy Dinner, Japanese Style

    1. Thank you, Archana. She definitely is. 🙂 But I also think that when you grow up in a home where people cook from scratch, you acquire and grow up with the knowledge, even if you’re not aware of that…

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